The Foundation Maam Ndeyy Mbogne Ndoye or Foundation Maam Ndeyy (“Maam”, in Uolof, means Grand-Mother(Father) and “Ndeyy”, Mother) is a tribute to the memory and the goodwill labour and sacrifices of the very first generation of Sage-femmes of the zone of Bambylor and Surroundings of the Senegal. Many names should be cited as reference and we would surely omit some very independently of our willing and we would frankly apologize for this. At the image of these brave and historical women, two names will be given as illustrations: the regretted Maam Ndeyy Mbogne Ndoye (1897-1996) - PSE and Maam Fama Sary - PSE.

Like these Great Women at the honour of whom it has been created, the “Foundation Maam Ndeyy” carries help and assistance and assistance to the pregnant woman and in maternity (and to the woman, in general) who requires them, to disadvantaged childhood (grants as regards education and/or formation) and to old age.

MBI-Mbogna International Consulting, GIE “Boyène-Agroel Biodiversité” and AIE “Boyène-Agroel Biodiversité” ‘Sucursal en España’ ARE GRATEFUL with these heroic women of the history of Senegal and Africa, without the work of whom they would surely not have existed.

MBI-“Mbogna International” ‘Consulting’, GIE “Boyène-Agroel Biodiversité” and AIE “Boyène-Agroel Biodiversité” ‘Sucursal en España’ are the first donators of the Foundation Maam Ndeyy. The related enterprises concede part of their profits, according to the statute and in a determined by the respective councils of administration value, to “Foundation Maam Ndeyy Mbogne Ndoye”, in a quantity not inferior to 1%.

The donations are also received from any other person or entity legally recognized provided that they are not involved.